About XGame

In the summer of 2018, people with passion and enthusiasm for technology put the first bricks to establish the XGame house. To the present time, the XGame team has achieved many achievements, produced many games and applications, increasingly developing in both products and people.
With the criterion, each position does not need too many ordinary people, just one outstanding person, XGame has the core personnel, full of skills and experience, together overcome many challenges and reach out to the world.
And that is also the slogan of XGame, “ Go Global ” – “ Reach out to the world ”, is the slogan that guides the way of XGame.

about us

formation History

Hình thành Bứt phá Phát triển



In 2018, people who had a passion for technology in general and a passion for games in particular were fundamental to the creation of XGame from inception. XGame was founded based on the wish to create value to the Vietnamese Game Industry and above all, to make a difference.



Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak, this is the stage that opens the door to the explosive success and XGame's development in the future. With their assertiveness and enthusiasm, XGame has overcome all difficulties, being one of the leading units of Vietnamese Game industry, developing several top games and achieving large revenue on various platforms. XGame’s outstanding development is attributed to the game Money Run with 50M+ downloads, reaching Top 1 Category Game in the US market, followed by a series of successes such as MineCraft, StickerMan,...



XGame has established a certain position, distinguished as one of the Vietnamese Game Industry’s lead elements. Along to this development, XGame always find new directions, innovative solutions, make differences to reach our goal “Go Global” with a mission “Pioneer in creativity and innovation to bring memorable experiences to users”

core Values

core value
Dynamic, Enthusiastic
core value
core value
core value